nail care

Anani Signature Manicure:  $30

This manicure utilizes Dermalogica products that will soften and hydrate the skin and cuticles, incorporates cuticle-minimizing, exfoliation, and hand arm massage, and is finished with our warm towel and customized oil treatments for extreme relaxation.

Anani Signature Pedicure:  $50

This pedicure utilizes Dermalogica products that exfoliate dead skin and softens heels for ultimate hydration. This pedicure incorporates cuticle minimizing exfoliation, masque and a foot and leg massage. Anani has four pedicure stations – bring a friend or two!

Hand Repair Treatment:  $30 (30 minutes)

This treatment includes maximum strength exfoliation and deep moisturizing benefits of a soothing paraffin bath that leaves you with ultra-soft and smooth hands.

Multivitamin Hand Treatment:  $45 (60 minutes)

Our Signature Manicure enhanced with treatments that combine thorough exfoliation and moisturizing effects of a paraffin wax bath to help reduce the appearance of premature aging and smooth away dull, and rough skin.

Revitalizing Foot Treatment:  $75 (75 minutes)

Our Signature Pedicure enhanced with treatments that radically smooth and soften feet with two types of exfoliation and a moisturizing paraffin wax bath.


Combining the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. A true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear color.
Shellac Manicure:  $45 (Polish-Only $32)
Shellac Pedicure:  $65 (Polish-Only $40)
Shellac Removal:  $10
Add French polish to any service:  $5
Polish Change:  $15
Paraffin Wax Treatment:  $10

Facial Treatments

Dermalogica Facial Treatment

First, the skin is thoroughly cleansed with a customized cleanser based on skin condition. A face mapping is then performed to determine what skin care goals are to be achieved and what products will be used during the rest of the facial. A professional exfoliation is then selected to slough off all dead skin cells and removed with a warm towel.  Steam is often used to soften and hydrate skin during this step. Extractions are then performed if needed. Next, let go and unwind while the therapist massages the face, neck and shoulders, stimulating blood flow and delivering nourishment to the skin. Near the end of the treatment an appropriate masque is applied. While the masque is setting, select to have either an arm and hand massage or a leg and foot massage performed. The facial is completed with a spritz of toner, moisturizer and solar defense. The lip and eye area will also be treated with special attention. *These are Anani's general guidelines. Every facial differs slightly as each guest's skin condition varies.
30 Minutes:  $45
60 Minutes:  $70
90 Minutes:  $100


Medicated Clearing Treatment:  $75 (60 minutes)

This treatment is the ultimate in acne management because it targets current breakouts while helping to prevent future breakout activity. A series of treatments is necessary for maximum benefits.

Skin Brightening Treatment:  $75 (60 minutes)

This treatment balances uneven pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance, UV exposure and pregnancy. A series of treatments is necessary for maximum benefits.

Power Regeneration Treatment:  $90 (75 minutes)

This treatment is ideal for prematurely aging, aging, dry, or sun damaged skin that needs nourishment, regeneration and energizing. A series of treatments is necessary for maximum benefits.

Ultra Calming Treatment:  $75 (60 minutes)

This treatment is designed for red, inflamed and itchy skin that needs soothing, calming and skin protection.

Firming Eye Rescue Treatment:  $30 (30 minutes)
Add  to a Facial:  $15

This treatment helps to diminish fine lines, firm and tone the skin.

Soothing Eye Rescue Treatment:  $30 (30 minutes)
Add  to a Facial:  $15

This treatment helps to reduce puffiness and soothe irritated, tired eyes.

skin care extras

BioActive Peel:  $125 (packages available)

This skin resurfacing treatment helps reduce acne, pigmentation and signs of premature aging to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin. With BioActive Peel, you can get the same powerful results without the associated risks or downtime of common chemical peels. When performed by a certified skin care professional, it safely removes dull outer layers of skin and helps the skin underneath regenerate for better health and radiance.


Ion Active Treatment:  $90 (45 minutes)

This treatment system leverages thermal activity to drive potent key ingredients faster and farther into the skin helping reduce the signs of aging, uneven skin tone, acne or dehydration. 

Lactic Acid Peel:  $90  (packages available)

An exclusive formula from Dermalogica made to achieve the maximum exfoliation benefits of a chemical peel without the irritation associated with traditional chemical peels.

Acne Peel:  $100

A blend of alpha hydroxy acids to help clear and resurface the skin.

Micro-Current Therapy:  $20

With our micro-current machine our therapist is able to enhance product penetration, aid in disincrustation (loosening congestion), and provide a deeper exfoliation.

High Frequency:  $20

An electrical device used to dry out blemishes at an accelerated rate.

Eyelash Extensions

Please call to book a complimentary consultation.

Airbrushed Bronze Original Formula (8-10 Hours Before Shower)
Full Body Session:  $32
Upper Body:  $20
Legs:  $20

Airbrushed Bronze One-Hour Formula (1-3 Hours Before Shower)
Full Body Session:  $40
Upper Body:  $25
Legs:  $25


Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion:  $90 (per session)
Buy 6 for $450 (one free session)

A method of skin exfoliation using suction and crushed diamonds at the tip of a stainless steel hand piece that glides across the skin. This technique will loosen and gently remove dead skin cells revealing younger, firmer, and more radiant skin.

Features and Benefits:

• Stimulates collagen production
• Provides deep exfoliation
• Aids in correcting acne, shallow acne scars, superficial hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles
• Smoother makeup applications

*A series of weekly treatments is recommended to correct a skin problem. Treatments once a month are recommended to rejuvenate and maintain healthy skin.

massage therapy

Anani Signature Massage

This technique uses long strokes, kneading and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle. Anani Signature Massage is extremely relaxing and calming. 
30 Minutes: $55
60 Minutes:  $80
90 Minutes:  $110
120 Minutes:  $150

Jade Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Massage with the use of hot, smooth stones. Stone therapy massage is good for muscle tension relief and relaxation. The warm stones allow for deep penetration of the muscle. This massage is great for people that like a lighter touch but have muscle tension. Also a great winter time treatment.
60 Minutes:  $90
90 Minutes:  $125
120 Minutes:  $170


Stick and Stone Massage

This relaxing technique is ideal for those craving deep pressure and stress management. While the Warm Bamboo releases muscle tension the therapist is able use the heat of the Jade Stones to provide added circulation. The perfect combination of warmth and well-being.
90 Minutes:  $125
120 Minutes:  $170

Pregnancy Massage

Great for that expecting mother after her first trimester. Pre-natal massage helps to reduce swelling, stress, relieve aches and pains, and reduce anxiety and depression.
60 Minutes:  $80

Warm Bamboo Massage

Warm aroma soaked bamboo will be worked around the body in a rhythmic pattern. This exotic yet fresh and natural approach to massage will leave your body free of tension and deeply relaxed.
60 Minutes:  $90
90 Minutes:  $125

Four Hand Massage

If you're short on time but in desperate need of a rub down, it's time to start seeing double. Performed with two therapists creating simultaneous movements, this massage will disengage your brain from focusing on anything else but relaxation.
30 Minutes:  $100
60 Minutes:  $150
90 Minutes:  $210


Thai Foot Treatment

This massage focuses on lower legs and feet using a wide variety of hand and Thai Stick techniques to stimulate the body's own healing energy as well as relieve muscle tension. Accompanying this massage is a warm foot bath and detoxifying exfoliation.
60 Minutes:  $90


Lomi Lomi Massage

Flowing Hawaiian Massage with long relaxing strokes that offer deep pressure without the residual soreness. Option to add hot stones ($10). 
60 Minutes:  $90
90 Minutes:  $125


Dual Therapy room

Enjoy several of Anani's spa treatments with someone special.

body treatments

Mineral Rich Body Glow:  $45 (30 minutes)

A blend of sea salts, seaweed and essential oils smooth and polish the skin while restoring vital nutrients and hydration.

Bali Coffee Scrub:  $45 (30 minutes)

Freshly ground coffee beans are used to slough away dry, dead skin cells while infusing the skin with a shot of caffeine,  restoring suppleness and improve the appearance of cellulite temporarily.

Bali Spice Scrub:  $45 (30 minutes)

Our made-from-scratch scrub, infused with a blend of cinnamon, clove and other traditional spices. This scrub removes dead skin and impurities leaving your skin clean and soft.

Detoxifying Sea Mud Ritual:  $45 (30 minutes)

Detoxify, exfoliate and nourish your body with purifying seaweed and mineral mud sealed in a warm, relaxing wrap. Infused with aromatic botanical extracts and fruit enzymes, this treatment will leave your skin smooth and supple.

Nourishing Power Rich Remedy:  $45 (30 minutes)

An ultra soothing, hydrating treatment personalized with aroma therapy oils. A natural, Aloe based pack is swaddled in a thermal wrap to infuse the skin with moisture. Ideal for sun exposed and prematurely aging skin.

Purifying Back Treatment:  $70 (60 minutes)

This treatment is designed to rid your muscles of stress and your skin of impurities.

Stress Relief:  $30 (30 minutes)

This upper body treatment combining exfoliation and massage smooths, hydrates, and relieves tension. Perfect for the individual with a busy lifestyle.

Ultimate Rejuvenation:  $90 (60 minutes)

Personalize your treatment by choosing either the detoxifying sea mud ritual or the nourishing power rich remedy and adding it to the mineral rich body glow.  The combination will give your body the ultimate in exfoliation, detoxification, and nourishment.


Blackhead Relief:  $30 (20 minutes)

This intense purifying treatment dives deep into pores to extract sebum and breakout-causing bacteria from follicles to create a clean, refined, and clear skin.

Lip Renewal:  $30 (20 minutes)

This treatment is infused with hydration, lips will be full and plump as well as smoothed, conditioned and restored. Be remembered for full lips and a healthy looking smile.

Men's Skin Fitness:  $30 (20 minutes)

This treatment will help skin recover from breakouts, irritation, blackheads and ingrown hairs while cleaning, clearing, soothing and calming for a smoother, and healthier skin.

Rapid Spot Clearing:  $30 (20 minutes)

This treatment helps target and expedite the clearing process of that pesky breakout with extensive cleansing and ingredients to clear sebum and impactions.

Eye Rescue Treatment:  $30 (20 minutes)

This customized treatment helps aid the eye area in hydration, firming, soothing, or diminishing puffiness.